People ask me if I named myself after Fountainhead's Howard Roarke. The answer is no (but I sure dig Howard's integrity). Unlike Howard, I am more of a "we" kind of person. I have experienced just how powerful things can become when talented people collaborate with each other, especially across music, film, art, and technology. Creative people can change the world. At the very least, they can change somebody's day. 

While living in my hometown Amsterdam, and my current city, New York, I have had the chance to work with some super talented people. I have learned that every opportunity to make music is a gift. It sounds corny, but I really see it this way. I have made music in studios, bands, jazz groups, bedrooms, and performance venues. I have made music with friends, family, teachers, mentors, advertising agencies, universities, and music companies. Each and every time has been special.

I am a songwriter, musician, pianist, and vocalist. I am an experimenter and I am a creator.

I want to make some music. Today. Right now. 

– Roarke